He expected which they would fall in enjoy, and therefore their prefer would cancel out all their wicked!

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He expected which they would fall in enjoy, and therefore their prefer would cancel out all their wicked!

Wander attempts to be pals with Lord Dominator when you look at the episode, “The Greater Hater.” However, he was constantly dismissed or thrown aside while she persisted their fight on a planet that Lord Hater is looking to overcome. Wander had been incredibly disappointed by this, seeing it as impolite and inconsiderate behavior on Lord Dominator’s role. It is shown to upset your many mennation Dating times through the occurrence, though the guy constantly bounces back to his friendly, idealistic temperament. However, in the long run, the guy informs her off on her behalf rudeness and proclaims that he does not want getting this lady friend.

In “the war Royale”, after learning that Lord Dominator is actually a female, Wander managed to make it their objective to have the lady and Lord Hater collectively, while he believed them to need plenty in accordance. All of this turned out to be completely wrong in “My personal reasonable Hatey,” wherein Dominator managed to get obvious that this woman is only a threat to them and therefore she actually is excited about the lady evildoing. She illustrates that much through tune by damaging environment Lamouria, splitting Wander’s banjo, and fighting him and Lord Hater. Realizing their mistake, and simply because she’d never ever like Hater and only desires view the galaxy burn, Wander, Hater, Sylvia, and Peepers choose help save the galaxy from Lord Dominator.

Despite anything, Wander nonetheless conveys a need to be type to Lord Dominator as he really does with the rest of us. In “the termination of the Galaxy”, despite no one taking their area in willing to prevent Lord Dominator through calm methods, Wander persisted and proceeded his own eighteen to the lady. This failed to run as Wander got anticipated (as he expected their to either hear him aside or have actually your ruined on picture), and Lord Dominator proceeded to as an alternative hold your captive, cruelly tormenting your the complete time. As he finds out that she antagonizes them thus much-instead of just destroying them all-in the initial place because she’s depressed, the guy seems detrimental to the girl and pertains to the conclusion that her loneliness is why she is very evil. Then he conserves the lady from the girl ship from are blown-up and will be offering the girl a fruit container of relationship, it is angrily decreased. Though dissatisfied through this, Wander allows he failed to build another buddy in her, and will leave this lady to storm down.

Emperor Astonishing

So far, Wander’s partnership with Awesome try rather on-and-off. Wander demonstrates no desire for Awesome’s measures, and produces no make an effort to stop him in almost any of his tactics (“The Picnic”, “The event Animal”). Even though Awesome states he will probably “get” walk for partying better than your, the guy nevertheless requires Wander to text your an image of Lord Hater, and generally appears disinterested in Wander’s steps. Wander gives Awesome a present-day in “The gifts” (a photo of Awesome, claiming “To: Emperor Cool – you are amazing!”). Wander was comfortable sufficient with Emperor Amazing see him in child Wander.


The Watchdogs apparently including Wander, however their unquestionable support to Lord Hater means they frequently you will need to record your. Her communications outside of their unique instructions have become friendly, though. Wander first urges the Watchdogs to abandon their unique goal to go to the fair at Binglebopolopolis, and soon after possess them sing along to a big musical number at Lord Hater’s birthday celebration. Additionally they decrease prey to stroll’s delight after getting merchandise from your, though they believed the presents getting from Lord Hater.

Wander knows most of the Watchdogs’ names and birthdays (“a person’s eye regarding Skull Ship”). He furthermore seems to have the capability to accept each individual, although these include most entirely the same as each other. The guy understands all of them well enough getting each of them the most perfect gift in “The present”.

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